Past Presidents
Tammie Ulbrich 
Andrew Mays
Kim Brewster
Ann Rabinowitz
Carl Rodenhizer
Nick Meucci
Pat Mellow-Taylor
Andrew Wagner
John Burns
James McLaughlin
Don Roe
George Bozzi, Sr
Roy Grinold
Edward P. Loughlin
Walter R. Yaskot

2020-2021 Ulbrich Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors and Affiliations

 President: Kevin Lyons Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals
 Vice President: Erik Scaranuzzo Merrill Lynch
 VP – Strategic Initiatives: Tammie Ulbrich  Retired VP of Sales
 Secretary: Nicole Fitzgerald Knights of Columbus
 Treasurer: June Vecellio-Lazaroff Pitney Bowes 
Mary Algiere   Retired
 Jeff Bradanini  Beirne Wealth Consulting Services
 John Hauser  Air Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating
Paul Januszewski  North Haven Fire Department
 Elizabeth Lechowicz  Bank of America
 Jon Longobardi  Neubert, Pepe & Monteith, P.C.
 Mike Papale  In a Heartbeart Foundation
 Shannon Riotte  United Aluminum
 Haley Sofiane  CareCentrix
 Chris Ulbrich   Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Metals
 Jason Zandri  Microsoft