May 27, 1963
The Boys Club of Wallingford was founded by a group of dedicated citizens whose primary  motivation was to provide an organization which would give young people a positive outlet for their energies and provide comprehensive after school care. 

September 23, 1963
Mr. Walter Yaskot was elected as the Club's first permanent chairman succeeding Rev. Edward Jaksina who had served as temporary chairman for the original founders meeting. 

June 6, 1964
The Club's first Board of Directors was formally elected and included: Fred Ulbrich Sr. , Dr. Edward Wallace ,Roger McMahon, John Sabo, Donald Ahearn, Walter Yaskot, Fred Calatayud, John Maselli, John Carrozzella, Dr. George Bozzi, Sr. , Fred Erff, Mary Yasensky, Anella Short, Meter Sussman, Manuel Gomes, William Hutchinson and Edward Loughlin. 

November 29, 1965
The Boys Club of Wallingford opened its doors at a new facility on the corner of Prospect and Grand Street. At this time, the Club was accepted into membership by Boys Clubs of America under the direction of its first Executive Director James C. Taft. 

January 1968

Thomas J. Foley, Jr. became Executive Director.  The Boys Club of Wallingford was accepted into the United Way as its 19th member agency. Also, that year the Club extension in Yalesville was opened with Colie L. McCarty as its director. 

November 1972

John Miller became Executive Director

November 1979

Michael Small was hired as the Club's Executive Director

November 1991

Phyllis Murray was hired as Executive Director

December 1994
Old Club was demolished to begin construction of new facility. 


July 3, 1995
The Boys & Girls Club of Wallingford opened its doors at the new facility with over 90 kids coming for programs on the first day.


September 9, 1995

Dedication and officially changing the name of the Club to Ulbrich Boys & Girls Club

March 2018

Carlos Collazo was hired as the Club's Executive Director.